Mr. Simon O. Omachoko, PhD
Director Procurement Department.
Mr. Simon O. Omachoko, Phd

Our Responsibilities

The procurement of any project in EFO is done by the Procurement Department. In view of the core mandate of EFO, which revolves on the urgent remediation and rehabilitation of polluted or degraded sites, the office most often adopts the restrictive / selective tendering method in order to forestall further degradation, with the attendant project scope and cost escalation. Accordingly, the department adopts the most appropriate method, in line with the 2007 Public Procurement Act.

In this regard, the department:

  1. Created a database of eligible bidders who are invited for necessary procurement processes
  2. Carries out necessary evaluation, specific to various procurements
  3. Seeks the prior approval of the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), where necessary.
  4. Presents the evaluation reports to the respective fund threshold for approval
  5. Issues letters of award to the recommended bidders after approval
  6. Initiates Contract Agreements for the approved contracts; and
  7. Carries our occasional Procurement Due Diligence on the projects.